Small Air Conditioner, Frigidaire Air Conditioner

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This is an easy to install and use small air conditioner that fits in tight spaces. The compressor and fan are quiet for its size. Compressor engages as needed only when cooling. Fan runs constantly to recirculate the air inside my room. On the outside, the exhaust vents must be free from debris or foliage in order for cooling to occur inside my room. Do not cover or inhibit the exhaust vents. To install this A/C, opening must be at least 13.125 in height and...

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Scrapping A Window Air Conditioner Unit

A look inside a window AC unit. We found lots of copper and copper/ aluminum radiators. These are a great item to scrap. I get alot of these by running ads on my local craigslist under the wanted section.

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Tools used in this video;

Kobalt cordless tools

Channel Lock cable cutters

Channel Lock side cutters


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