Small Air Conditioner, Frigidaire Air Conditioner

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This is an easy to install and use small air conditioner that fits in tight spaces. The compressor and fan are quiet for its size. Compressor engages as needed only when cooling. Fan runs constantly to recirculate the air inside my room. On the outside, the exhaust vents must be free from debris or foliage in order for cooling to occur inside my room. Do not cover or inhibit the exhaust vents. To install this A/C, opening must be at least 13.125 in height and...

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Frigidaire Cool Connect Window AC

With the Frigidaire Gallery 8,000 BTU cool connect smart window air conditioner you can cool your room from anywhere, anytime using your smart device. Only run your AC when you need it so you can save on energy costs. The Frigidaire app provides you the convenience to remotely turn the unit on or off, change temperature, plus control modes and fan speeds. You will also stay informed with up-to-date alerts, such as clean filter indicators and other key notifications. With effortless scheduling,...

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DIY Window Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair

This is a demo on window a/c maintenance. The full version can be found on

Window/wall air conditioners and heat pumps are life savers when functioning properly. However, improperly maintained systems cause higher energy prices, poor air quality, and lower heating or cool capability. This video will train you on how to reduce your energy costs, improve your heating and cooling, and allow your system to run as if it were new. This video is only a demo. Find...

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Staying cool on solar power! Frigidaire window air conditioner installed/running on solar power!

How to reduce your electric bill 50% or more:

How to rot out/kill a pesky tree stump naturally:

Getting started with home solar:

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Wattage test:

Complete system overview LINK:...

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Air conditioning running off solar power.

This is a small window unit Air-conditioner and its pulling power from my grid-tie inverters using that power first and getting any excess it may need from the electric grid. This is supplementing the air made by the large unit just to help in cooling.

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Inverter Running Window Air Conditioner

Please visit my website for related information: This was a quick test to demonstrate how well the Xantrex Prowatt SW2000 inverter would run a 5000 BTU window shaker. When the grid goes down in hurricane prone Florida, there's no reason to sit in the heat. This little A/C unit will cool down one room comfortably.

The Fluke meter has the ability to accurately measure start-up current. Most meters are far too slow. At one point, I shut the power off, then quickly...

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800 Watt harbor freight chicago electric generator Runing my window air conditioner

I was wondering if my new generator could run a window Ac and it can. this is a 6,000 btu Ac that draws 450watt when it is going. It will go up to 900 watts when the motor first kicks on. the generator barley keeps from stalling on start up but it pulls it off best to set it to max cool so the compressor stays on.

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Best Air Cooler with super fast cooling 2017

Summer has arrived heat outside is rising and temperatures are recording high than previous year everyone is looking to buy best air-cooler or best Air conditioner this summer. But for ac's you don't have portability and it's fixed at one place it takes lot of electricity to run and traditional air coolers are also fixed to Windows and hard to move from one place to other but where as symphony storm 70i is different from other air-coolers and iam using it from 2 years without any problem it has...

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Solar panel powered window air conditioner! How to reduce your summer electric bill and stay cool!

~620 watts on full tilt (fan on high). Note, it doesn't use this amount of wattage all the time...just when it is cooling. I have a second Frigidaire in the master bedroom (same model). I am able to keep the whole house cooled. Even when I am not using solar power to run these (at night for example) it still saves me $$$. How? Keeping the central air off...which uses about 3,000-4,000 watts. Compare that with the two window units which consume about 1,200 watts total. BIG difference...and REAL...

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Why Energy Audits Are Important | Michael Bonsby HVAC | 877-644-7225 | HVAC Contractor in MD & DC

An energy audit is an assessment done by a professional technician that determines where leaks are throughout the home and where energy is being lost. During an energy audit, a technician checks doors, windows, siding, and attics for cracks where air is escaping. During the assessment, you will find out how leaky your home is—which then allows HVAC technicians to install an appropriate size furnace, heat pump, or...

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