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Trane XL20i Communicating Central Air System

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Consumer Reports Central AC Guides Unbiased guide to buying a new central air condtioner for your home from Consumer Reports.

Costimates HVAC Price Comparisons The HVAC cost estimates section of the Costimates.com website contains various cost breakdowns of the expenses related to your home heating and ac...

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Easy DIY Air Conditioner Repair - Homestructions

Air Conditioners & Fans , General , Heating & Cooling

It is a hot and humid day. Your clothes feel like they are sticking to your skin, yet it is supposed to be cool inside with the AC on. It seems like there is something wrong with your AC unit, but does that mean it is necessary to call an air conditioner repair technician? Not always. Air conditioner problems are common, especially after a...

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Air conditioner repair – troubleshooting and DIY ideas

Air conditioner repair is something that no homeowner would like to perform but like with any household devices , air conditioners need maintenance as devices wear off with time. These units create a comfortable atmosphere in the house but sometimes they break down at the wrong time, for example, in the summer or when the warranty is over. Some repairs can be easily dealt with. Of course, you...

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Central Air Conditioner Prices - #1 Source of FREE info

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If you live somewhere that experiences hot weather, you know how uncomfortable the living conditions can get. After you have installed fans in every room and are still sweltering, it's time to explore the current central air conditioner prices to see if a system is affordable. You probably already know that when purchasing an appliance of this type, things can...

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DIY Air Conditioner Repair | The Family Handyman


Overview: Central air conditioner failures and solutions

When a central A/C unit fails during a heat spell, you may have to wait days for a technician to show up, and you'll probably pay at least several hundred for the repair. But if you're comfortable working around electricity and are willing to spend about $50 on parts, you can probably repair you air conditioner yourself in about two...

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How to Add Freon to Your Central Air Conditioner ...

If you've noticed that your central air conditioner isn't cooling your home quite as well as it used to, the culprit may be Freon leak in your system. Freon is a refrigerant, or coolant, which helps your AC unit evaporate its internal heat and allows the air is expels to actually be cool.

If you have sprung a Freon leak, you'll have to seal the problem area, replace the leaking substance, and...

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Compare Electric Furnace Prices | FurnacePriceGuides.com

Electric Furnaces (also called Air Handlers and Fan Coils) are large blower units that have a specific size electric heating strip installed on the outlet side of the system. Like a large hair dryer, when the unit runs, air is forced across the heated coil, blowing hot air into the home.  They may be matched to a heat pump system, or installed as the heating portion of a central air...

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Buy York Parts - HVAC Plus


Buy York Parts - A full catalog of York parts, from heating to cooling, to your fingertips in an instant.

If you're in the field and need a replacement piece, it can be difficult to get your hands on brand names such as York parts in a hurry. Many of the sites that carry HVACR equipment can be tough to get through--Our aim is to bring the full catalog of York parts, from heating...

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How To Clean Central Air Conditioning Condenser Coils


Air Conditioning Cleaning: How To Clean Central A/C Condenser Unit Coils

Possibly the single most important factor to maintaining your air conditioning unit is keeping it clean and well maintained. Not only will good maintenance reduce your energy consumption and save on your monthly bills, but clean condenser coils will make your A/C unit last longer and keep it running efficiently. You...

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