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Expert air conditioning and heating insulation, replacement, repair, and maintenance in the greater Austin and Georgetown areas. Stan's whole-house approach helps increase your comfort at the least cost.

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Servicing Austin Since 1954

Stan's has been family owned and operated for 63 years....

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AC Systems - Air Conditioning Repair Austin

AC Systems

Air conditioning systems have two basic characteristics: Capacity and efficiency.

Residential HVAC system capacity is measured in tonnage, an archaic industry term which refers to the quantity of heat the system can remove in an hour. Typical Residential capacity ranges from 1.5 ton units which can remove 18,000 BTUs per hour to 5 ton units which can remove up to 60,000 BTUs in an hour. An Energy Vanguard article digs into the history of "tonnage" as a measurement unit.

Larger capacity is not inherently better. Large units are generally more...

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Ductwork Sealing and Repair | Austin HVAC | Stan's Heating ...

A recent City of Austin study concluded that Central Texas ductwork leaks an average of 27% of its air and is 25% smaller than manufacturer specifications. These figures in combination mean that if a building has a 3-ton cooling system, only 2 of those tons of conditioned air is actually delivered.

Ductwork systems are the arteries of your heating and cooling system.

Undersized and leaking ducting not only reduces airflow significantly, but also leads to increased strain on your HVAC system. These issues can increase cooling bills by 50%,...

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