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Easy DIY Air Conditioner Repair - Homestructions

Air Conditioners & Fans , General , Heating & Cooling

It is a hot and humid day. Your clothes feel like they are sticking to your skin, yet it is supposed to be cool inside with the AC on. It seems like there is something wrong with your AC unit, but does that mean it is necessary to call an air conditioner repair technician? Not always. Air conditioner problems are common, especially after a...

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How To Turn Off The Water Heater - Homestructions

How To Turn Off The Water Heater

Problems with water heaters can become abundant if they aren't maintained properly. For example, if the pilot light goes out, gas can start to build up and lead to an unpleasant surprise. Water leaks are another serious problem as damage can occur when running the heater without water.

Before deciding to perform any maintenance for a leak, you'll want to turn off the water heater. How easily you can do this will depend entirely on how easily you can access your settings and supply lines. This usually isn't a problem; you'll just need...

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